The winter One Day 7v7 Prolander Cup is now open!

   sigafoo   - 12/10/2018
Our 5th season has come to a close and our 6th season will not be starting until early March. We are going to use this downtime to host a One Day Prolander Cup for North America! Our very popular cups are played, as the name implies, over the course of one day. The event last about 3-5 hours and all teams will earn badges and possibly keys!!

Don't worry you don't need to beat b4nny to win keys because we will sort out teams to divisions of roughly their own skill level. From there you will play 4-5 games of Prolander. If you finish in 1st-4th place in your own division, you will win keys!

It starts on January 27th at 2pm Eastern, but to get all of the details. You need to visit the cup website.

Register today / Find out more @