sigafoo   - 12/8/2018
Over two months ago six teams set out on a quest for the crown, but from the start there were two clear front runners. Cat Noises, the longest running team in RGL Prolander history. They've played in every season and haven't gotten stronger over time. Consistently finishing in 3rd/4th until last season where they finished as the runner up. This season things have changed, as they finished the regular season in the 1st place spot. Can this be the season where they final wear the crown?

The Cowardly Dogs is mostly made up of players from the S5 team Di Men, formerly Faint Gaming. With the most notable pick-ups of b4nny on scout and Nursey on medic. They've looked equally strong all year long, only have lost one game all season.

Now these teams will meet again on the biggest stage of them all. $2,100 dollars will go to the first place team and $900 for second. Who will come out on top in this very close and competitive match up?

The match will be played on Monday Dec. 10th at 9:30pm Eastern. Watch at