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   sigafoo   - 6/4/2018

RGL is looking for more hands to help push us forward

In our first year at RGL we kept our organization low key. Only having a staff of about six people in total, but we're looking to expand on that. Our goal is to provide more coverage to ALL divisions, not just the top ones. To allow every part of our community to actively have a voice in it.

Here are the three areas we are looking to bring new people into.

Article Writing

Currently, all the articles written in RGL are by me and exclusively about the Invite division. I want that to change. We've updated the site so now we can have articles about particular divisions. For example, you could have an article purely about Div-1 and this would show up on the front page for all Div-1 players.

So we are looking for people who are interested in covering all the divisions, preferably a division which you play in. Weekly rankings, upcoming matches, player profiles, etc... Whatever is interesting to you and brings more spotlight to that part of RGL. We want to cover it.

If you're interested in this, please contact me directly (@sigafoo) through our public discord channel.

We would also love to increase our editors. If you have very strong written abilities and are good at helping others improve their writing. Let us know! We're also looking for more news editors.


Are you interested in helping push TF2 live streaming production forward? Then RGL is the place to be. RGL is not a production team stuck in the antiquated ways of first-person only casting, but are consistently trying to find new ways to show off the beauty of this team game, not just the DM game.

Presently we are looking to bring in more camera people, which will allow us to have more coverage. Hopefully more coverage of divisions outside of Invite and then allow us to get to bring in more commentators.

If you are interested in doing production/camera work. You need to have a computer that can handle TF2 at 60 fps on high settings. You need to have a good and stable internet connection that can broadcast these settings. And most importantly... a good attitude and an openness to learn how to do production.

If you're interested in this, please contact me directly (@sigafoo) through our public discord channel.

SFM/Graphic designs

It'd be great to have an SFM artist on staff who can help with making the images which go onto the front page.


If there's a way that you can help RGL, but it's not listed here. Please let us know. We're open to new ideas and new people.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact me directly (@sigafoo) through our public discord channel.