Faint Gaming acquires Mo' Money

   sigafoo   - 3/12/2018
Coming into season three of RGL, Mo' Money were the new kids on the invite block. They had grabbed two RGL-Div 1 championships and had seen success in the UGC Platinum Highlander league, but everyone was interested in how they would stack up against the hardened veterans in RGL-Invite. Many assumed that they would have a difficult time transitioning, but their aggressive playstyle, adaptability, and great use of class switching so far has earned them great success.

In the first week, Mo' Money dominated Velocity E-sports on Badwater with a clean 2-0 sweep. An incredibly close match against last season's Invite Champions Froyotech on Coalplant very nearly went into overtime, but finished out with a 4-2 win for Froyo. Now, it is no longer a question of if Mo' Money will reach the playoffs, but instead in which seed will they finish.

This incredible performance has drawn the attention of many teams, including Faint Gaming. Faint has been looking to get back into the competitive TF2 scene, and were so impressed by Mo' Money's performance that they have acquired the team. One of Faint Gaming's manager had this to say when we reached out for a comment.

Hobin, Bill and I are super excited to return back to not only the TF2 scene but the Prolander scene as well. With season 3 just starting, Fallen and Mo' Money crew definitely caught my eye with their win over Velocity and a very close one against Froyo. That being said, we are very very very happy to have Fallen, BM, and co to join Faint Gaming. I, along with the rest of the Faint staff know that they're a perfect fit for the Faint family and are super excited for the rest of this season. GL guys


Faint Gaming's roster is:

  • Scout: Wish
  • Soldier: Dingus
  • Pyro: BM
  • Demo: Bowl
  • Medic: Alto
  • Sniper watterson
  • Spy/Flex: Dimento

Watch (now) Faint Gaming's latest match against Froyotech