Velocity eSports vs Mo' Money - Opening Week Match

   sigafoo   - 2/27/2018
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Season 3 is finally here!

RGL's first invite match is happening tonight. Velocity eSports is on their third season in invite. Though they've had success in Invite in the past two seasons, it's always been as the bridesmaid, not the bride. The have lost the first two seasons' Grand Finals to Froyotech. Still, they sit with the second largest take home, winning a comfortable $1,550 over the first two seasons.

Mo' Money are the new kids on the block... at least the invite block. Mo' was moved up this season from Div-1, using RGL's promotion/relegation system. Mo', formerly known as "The News", has done well in the first two seasons in RGL, winning $700 and placing first in both seasons.

Now the time has come to see if Mo' Money will be able to step up to the plate against the big boys. They might the roster to do it, Bowl is a man not afraid to challenge great players. I expect to see him do well this season and show a lot of passion which might just drive his team into the playoffs. Dimento, one of the best spies in highlander, is making his debut in prolander and temporarily replacing their leader, Fallen, for tonight's match.

Wish and Dingus will be on the flank tonight. In my pre-game talk with Fallen, he expressed his confidence in these two to control the flank and help lead his team forward. On the opposite side, however, Velocity eSports brings consistency. They will be playing the exact same starters they ended last season with, confident that they will stay on top.

I think it will be tough for Mo' Money to win this match, but if they play smart and work off of their picks they will hopefully show us that they have come to RGL-Invite to stay. Keeping Andrew out of action will be important, as I don't think watterson will be able to keep up for Mo'. Winning even one round may be the difference at the end of the season for making it into the playoffs, since each round won counters to your league points. Given that Mo' Money is likely to be fighting for the highly contested 3rd and 4th place spots, they're going to need every point they can scrape off tough opponents to make it into the playoffs.

I'm looking forward to see how these newcomers play, and you should too! We'll be covering the match tonight (2/27) @ 9pm Eastern on

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