Season 3 registration is live! Rec league is now completely free!

   sigafoo   - 1/7/2018

Season 3 here we come

Register Now!

With the one day cup coming to an end, that means season 3 is here! Registration is now live for the third season of Matches will begin the week of February 22nd, 2018. We are planning on running another five week season, but we might increase the season length depending on the number of teams that register. This season will boast another $4,000 prizepool, but our biggest change of all this season...

Recreational leagues are now completely free!!

Yes that's right... free! Not free with the purchase of some costly monthly subscription, but absolutely, completely, one hundred percent free! We will even provide the servers for your teams to play matches on. If you've ever thought about playing RGL before but the cost was holding you back, this is the perfect time to jump in and register your team.

Interested in playing?

If you are interested in playing and don't yet have a team, you can register in our solo queue league where you can party with up to two other friends and be placed on a team. In addition to that, you can post in our looking for team section.

Haven't tried prolander before? The best selling point for Prolander is to just try it. We host free pick up games, for all skill levels, multiple times a week. Join our discord @ to play in them.

Season 3 Changes

Competitive division changes

We've renamed some of the competitive divisions. Competitive high will now be known as RGL-Invite, and Competitive Low will now be known as RGL-Div 1. Our goal is to make winning RGL-Div 1 the only way into RGL-Invite and to potentially push the lowest RGL-Invite team down into Div 1. This helps prevent "sandbagging" in Div 1 and will keep the Invite division fresh and highly competitive.

Redefined rec league

The recreational league has now been split into two divisions. Our "High" division is open to any player of any skill level. Our "Low" division will be limited to only those players beneath a certain skill level which is currently set at low/mid silver players.

We've had issues with players attempting to stack teams last season in rec. Creating the "Low" division this allows newer and less confident teams and players have a more friendly environment to jump into, while giving the "High" division a greater challenge.

Rule Changes

We have a few rule changes coming to affect this season.

1) Rosters will be locked at the end of the regular season.
2) Anyone who registers the same day of the match will be considered a ringer
3) The first ringer can be denied the right to play in a match by an admin if their skill level is drastically above that of the team.

We have one or two more new rules which affect only a fraction of the league, and will not be posted here. We are also re-organizing the rules page to be easier to navigate and read.


Our season 3 whitelist can be seen here Current global bans are: Soda Popper, Crit-a-cola, Fist of Steel, Short Circuit, Machina, Razorback, Diamondback, Red Tape Recorder, Dead Ringer.

We removed the
1) Reserved Shooter, as it only affects airborne enemies who are explosive jumping, not air blasted targets. We believe this makes it more balanced weapon.
2) Bonk, Vita-saw, Darwin's Danger Shield were all changed to not be seemingly over powered anymore.
3) Dragon's Fury, We will lift the ban and keep a close eye on the effectiveness of this weapon.

Pick/Ban Changes

With most of the weapons being more balanced after the Jungle Inferno update, we will be changing our Pick/Ban format to better reflect the current status of the game. Last season we used a 6-4-4 method, with six bans, two saves, and four more bans. We are looking at changing this to a 4-4-4 method, with 4 bans, 4 saves, and 4 more bans. We will be talking extensively with our invite players from last season to hear their perspectives on this.

Basic League Info

  • North America Only
  • 5wk season + playoffs
  • One Match Per Week
  • League Starts Feb 22nd

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has support RGL in its first two seasons. We are definitely growing as a league and cannot wait for this season to kick off! Good luck, have fun, and enjoy Season 3 of Prolander!

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