Season 1 - Quarter Finals - dK vs .gen - Breakdown

   VoxDei   - 7/25/2017
After 6 weeks we've made our way to our first playoff game of the inaugural season.
The best way I can describe the playoff format would be that our #3 and #4 teams will need to "run the gauntlet" to be crowned champion.
dK and Generations will need to secure three wins for 1st place, whereas Cat Noises need two, and Froyo just need the one, skipping right to Grand Finals.
So what does this mean for this matchup? It means there's cash on the line for dK and Generations. The winner will secure a minimum payout of $450, where the loser will be eliminated, but still take home $350- not a bad chunk of change.

Let's take a quick look at each team's season so far.
dK are coming into this match the lower seed after forfeiting their week 3 and 4 matchups against Generations and Froyotech. They're 2-3 on the season and have a head to head of 1-1 against Generations, which ironically were both FFWs, so these teams are officially meeting for the first time in this matchup. dK's only earned victory comes against Cat Noises in a 2-1 victory on Upward back in Week 2.

Generations have quite a similar story. Of course their H2H remains the same, but the one FFW they had over dK was the only win they secured this season. To their credit, two of their losses have come on payload where they did at least wrangle in a half, so there are certainly positives to draw from this.

Map 1: Upward
Advantage: dK
As mentioned, one of dK's victories this season came on this very map, where they took home a win against the #2 seeded team, Cat Noises. With Karl's "Big Book of Highlander Strategies" on their side, I'm hard-pressed to give Generations a victory here. There's talent on both sides of the server, without a doubt, but dK's upside towers over that of Generations. The good thing for Generations is that they did take a round off of Froyotech in their regular season match on this map, but dK will likely have better strategies than Froyo did.

I personally watched bo4r do scary things on this map in the ETF2L HL Nations Cup with 100+ ping, lord knows what will become of the Generations roster if he should be allowed to go off. My advice? Ban the Machina.
For Generations though, their counter lies in the hands of their Snipers- Fallen Lord or Watterson (whichever takes the helm) and their Spy, Shotaway, who has been known for his Sniper-focused gameplay.
A lot will need to go the right way for Generations to take this one, but they'll need to play smarter than they did on Steel against Froyotech. Be willing to switch classes, and don't be afraid to switch things up when they're not working.
Generations could manage a round, but under normal circumstances, this should be dK's game to lose.

Map 2: Product
Advantage: dK
I'm giving the advantage to dK on this map as well, moreso from a strategy standpoint than a DM standpoint. Sure, bo4r will get his, but there is just as much chance that the Sniper and Spy combo for Generations could keep him honest for much of the game.
On a map like Product, any player can erupt at any time and change the course of the game, but I expect dK to handle that better than Generations, should that be the case.
Say, for example, syath starts going off. At most, I could see dK losing a round off of hero performances by Generations. But because of the adaptability in the hands of dK, they should be able to stop the momentum. There is always the chance for tilt, but it seems rather unlikely.
On the other hand, if Marmaloo starts doing the same, Generations have the potential to fold, which is a scary prospect. This map will come down to the mental preparedness of whichever team is losing at the moment. If Generations can overcome the possibility of tilt and keep their spirits up, they're not so outmatched that they couldn't push dK to their limits and even upset them here. Despite this, the deck is stacked ever against their favor.

Map 3: Badwater
Advantage: Generations
Should it come to Badwater, this may can certainly be a toss up. I'm less in the dK boat on this map, because I'm not confident that either team will be able to hold much more than the last point.
During the Week 1 match of this game of dK vs Froyotech, Froyo seemed ultimately in control with dK running their heads into brick walls in an 0-2 loss. Yes, Froyo has emerged as the number 1 team, but dK just looked lost in that matchup, even struggling with their 1st pushes.
If Generations can force their way into the 3rd map, they mainly need to focus on getting through that first point. After that, they should be able to breeze through 2nd and 3rd, then prepare for last. With 2 less players than they're used to, it could be easy to break the hold, or they could suffer from the dK-syndrome. All in all, it comes down to their class choices.
If Generations have gotten to this point, it means they've bested dK on either Product or Upward, which means means they do have what it takes to best them on this map.

My prediction overall is a 2-0 for dK, but should it go to Badwater, 2-1 for Generations #notacopout:D